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The products available for purchase from Modern Aminos are intended solely for research and laboratory use. These compounds are not designed for human consumption or for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease or condition.


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Pure Potion: Advanced Research Compound in Skincare

Venture into the leading edge of scientific exploration with Pure Potion by Modern Aminos, an advanced research compound formulated to study potential benefits for skin health and vitality. Encased in a UV-resistant amber bottle to ensure the potency of its unique ingredients remains uncompromised, this compound embodies the future of skincare research.

Product Details:

  • Bottle: UV-resistant amber bottle with dropper
  • Solution: Water-based
  • Volume: 30ML

Key Ingredients and Their Studied Effects:

  1. GHK-Cu (40MG/ML): This bioactive peptide has been extensively researched for its potential in stimulating collagen synthesis. GHK-Cu has attracted scientific interest for its potential role in skin health and the mitigation of visible aging signs.
  2. NAD+ (7.5MG/ML): A compelling molecule in the domain of skin cell research, NAD+ has been studied for its protective effects against environmental aggressors and its potential in promoting cellular repair mechanisms.
  3. Glycerin (20%): A consistent subject of cosmetic science due to its hydrating properties, glycerin is believed to help in maintaining moisture balance within the skin barrier.
  4. Hyaluronic Acid (0.2%): A highly regarded molecule in skincare research for its moisture-retaining capabilities, hyaluronic acid is explored for its potential in boosting skin’s hydration levels and elasticity.

Disclaimer: Pure Potion is strictly for research purposes. It is NOT intended for human consumption or use. Researchers are urged to adhere to best practices and exercise the utmost caution when handling and investigating this compound.

Pure Potion offers the scientific community an avenue to delve deeper into the potential benefits and properties of its constituent ingredients in the evolving field of skincare research. Approach with accuracy and an inquisitive mindset.


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